The Skilled Investor Personal Finance, Investment Management, and Financial Planning -- What Does and Does Not Work Sat, 09 Jan 2021 02:05:12 -0600 SmartSection Financial Articles > Scientific Personal Finance - What Works and What Does Not Work en The Skilled Investor 140 70 How does The Skilled Investor find and summarize scientific investment information? Through academic and professional journals and websites, the transmission of knowledge between financial academics and investment industry professionals has become very rapid. Unfortunately, for individual investors this is generally where scientifically based investment information stops. <i>The Skilled Investor</i> helps to correct this situation by finding, analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting relevant scientific finance papers and studies for the benefit of individual investors. Respect for the intelligence of individual investors Investment articles and books for individual investors often try to dumb it down. Attempts to reach a broad audience with shallow material can be very unsatisfying for those who seek a genuine and durable understanding of investing. <i>The Skilled Investor</i> has a different approach. It provides summary information about the key findings of investment science that intelligent readers will appreciate. What is The Skilled Investor and who will find it useful? Numerous strategies and tactics bombard individual investors. Some are right, but many are wrong. By providing objective information, <i>The Skilled Investor</i> helps you to tell the difference. With its educational summaries of investment studies, it helps you to make more optimal and rational personal investment decisions. 新萄京娱乐场手机版